Tools for Jobseekers

As part of fulfilling a job vacancy, you may be required to sit an aptitude assessment that measures your aptitude for the industry you are applying for.

The following practice aptitude assessments have been developed to assist you prior to your interview and assessment process.

The assessment can be used by a number of different organisations or people such as Group Training Organisations, Career Education Teachers, Mathematics Teachers within schools, Australian Apprenticeship Centres or individuals.

The assessments were developed with the assistance of Industry and Registered Training Organisations, based on the needs and requirements of the Industry sector. You may find that these assessments differ from similar tests administered by Industry as their tests may have other elements included.

Numeracy for Jobs Guide

The numeracy skills listed in this publication, for any particular occupation, are by no means meant to imply that they are the ONLY numeracy skills which a school leaver requires. All school leavers require a core set of numeracy skills to function effectively in life, learning and work beyond school.

The main purpose of the Numeracy for Jobs Guide is three-fold:

1. For Teachers

To enable mathematics and vocational (VET) teachers to highlight numeracy skills needed for working in various jobs and to incorporate these skills into teaching and learning programs.

2. For Students

To be used by all students in the Personal Learning Plan SACE subject to help them to identify some of the essential numeracy skills needed for their chosen jobs.

3. For Our Economy

To encourage the acknowledgement of the importance of numeracy skills to the effectiveness of the South Australian workforce.