Group Training Organisations have the processes, people, resources, equipment and access to training to manage apprentices and trainees in a simple, flexible and cost effective way.


As the legal employer, the (GTO) will manage much of the hard work including:

  • Advertising and recruitment to provide you with the right candidates
  • Organising and lodging all government paperwork for the entirety of the placement
  • Organising all training requirements and ensuring the apprentice or trainee is learning the right skills for your business
  • All insurances and workers compensation
  • Allocating a dedicated Group Training Consultant who is always on hand to provide you with support, information and advice. The Group Training Consultant will monitor and manage the on/off-site work performance of the apprentice or trainee, ensuring things are running smoothly for your business
  • Delivering your apprentice or trainee work-ready and equipped with all of the correct safety equipment.
  • There are no contracts between you and the apprentice or trainee and you can host them for as long as you need. There is no obligation to host an apprentice or trainee for the full term
  • If there is a downturn in work or your needs change, apprentices and trainees can be changed or moved to another host employer.

Cost Effective

GTO’s understand the importance of making the right connection between the apprentice or trainee and the host employer. Their proven recruitment experience has been shown to increase job stability and levels of performance. In South Australia, Group Training completion rates are 20% higher than the overall national average of 46.2%. This means that you’re saving money when you’re not recruiting as often!

While all of the usual costs associated with taking on an employee (wages, super, annual leave and loading, sick pay and workers compensation allocations) are applicable to an apprentice or trainee, the benefit is that all of these costs are simply rolled into an hourly rate which is charged to your business by the GTO. These costs can be claimed as a Goods and Services on a businesses BAS statement. You may be eligible for significant tax deductions.

What are the costs?

You may not realise how much hiring and managing an apprentice or trainee can cost your business.

Costs of Group Training

With Group Training, the charge out rate is inclusive of all costs and even the hidden costs that you may not realise are costing your business thousands!

Speak with a GTO to learn more about the costs of Group Training as well as the incentives you may be eligible for.

Cost of Direct Employment

  • Your Productive Time
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll Tax
  • Workcover Levy (Trainees Only)

Non-Productive Time

  • Trade School
  • Annual Leave Loading
  • Sick Leave
  • Public Holidays


  • Uniforms
  • Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Training
  • Advertising

Other (and Hidden) Costs

  • Recruitment/Advertising
  • Induction
  • Placement/Monitoring
  • Additional Formal Training