Professional Development

The role of Group Training Field Officers has become more complex with the introduction of government programs, monitored compliance, increased accountability, policy and procedures.

The Group Training Association of Victoria consulted members, both at a senior level and at the coal face to establish the rationale for the development of a Field Officer qualification. It is recognized that the group training industry has matured to a level where it wants to identify and establish professional (industry) standards of practice.

The following six points represents the most common feedback received.

  • Want an industry specific qualification (currently only generic qualifications)
  • There is a demand (from both Field Officers and management)
  • Training for Field Officers and recognition of the skills and knowledge required to perform the role may increase retention
  • AEN Vic has already participated in the establishment/development of IR, OH&S, Literacy & Numeracy training and would like to apply them certificated training (complete the package
  • There needs to be a level/ standard which is positioned and recognized above competitors in the field and allows all GTO FO staff to be trained to a uniform level (bad practices will not be handed down).