FAQ – Employers

If I Use A Group Training Organisation (GTO) Do I Still Receive The Government Incentive Payments For Taking On An Apprentice Or Trainee?

Yes. You still receive the benefit of Australian Government incentive payments. GTOs will either pass on these incentive payments direct to the host employer or will use subtract these payments from their charge out rate (the cost of using their services).

Is Group Training Right For My Business?

Group Training is right for any business looking to take on an Australian apprentice or trainee. It can be particularly helpful for businesses who are unable to offer their Australian Apprentice a permanent position or a range of work to ensure adequate skill development, or who don’t have the time or resources to undertake all employment and training functions.

Can I Return The Apprentice Or Trainee?

Yes. If there is a downturn in business or your needs change, you can return the apprentice or trainee to your GTO. The GTO will find the apprentice or trainee a new host employer.

What is the process of employing the apprentice or trainee on graduation?

Once the trainee or apprentice has completed their traineeship, you are free to employ them directly.

What is involved in a monitoring visit?

A Group Training Filed Officer will arrange a convenient time to meet on-site with the host employer and trainee/apprentice. The frequency can vary depending on the placement but is usually every eight weeks for about one hour. This is a good time to discuss any issues you may have and to ensure your apprentice or trainee is receiving adequate training and support.

Who pays for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

PPE is provided by the Group Training Organisation.

What are the costs?

Visit the costs section for a better understanding.