What are Apprenticeships and Traineeships?

No matter what industry you’re in, there is likely to be an Apprenticeship or Traineeship to suit your business!

Australian Apprenticeships cover all apprenticeships and traineeships. They are available in a variety of qualification levels in over 500 occupations across Australia Apprenticeships and traineeships can be full-time, part-time or school-based.


  • The time spent learning a skilled trade under a qualified tradesperson. Apprentices and employers have a legal agreement called a Training Contract
  • Learning is on the job (on-job) under a workplace supervisor, as well as off-job with a training provider
  • Generally last four years.


  • The time spent learning under a supervisor.
  • In some instances, training may be completely undertaken in the workplace.
  • After finishing the traineeship, the trainee receives a minimum qualification at a Certificate II or Certificate III level.
  • Generally last between one and two years.

Business Benefits

  • Apprentices and trainees are passionate about developing their career and are likely to be enthusiastic and committed to performing well. This can have a positive impact on staff morale.
  • Apprentices or trainees broaden the skill base and capability of your business, increasing your competitive advantage and your bottom line.
  • You have a flexible choice of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who can provide off-the-job training to your Australian Apprentice to suit your business needs.
  • Employers report that staff are often prompted to rethink and challenge existing work practises.
  • Staff have the opportunity to develop their skills in leading and mentoring.
  • You may qualify for a rangeof financial incentives.

Manage your next Australian Apprentices through a Group Training Organisation

The beauty of Group Training Organisations (GTOs) is that they can handle the recruiting and training for you under a Group Training Contract. Read more

If you don’t have enough work for an ongoing or full-time position, GTOs can organise for you to share an Australian Apprentice with another business. GTO’s also work with the State Government to provide directly indentured apprentices who are unable to continue with their employer a new placement to complete their trade.

If you are interested in employing an Australian Apprentice, the following resources are helpful: > Visit the GTO Directory

The National Code of Good Practice for Australian Apprenticeships explains what is involved in entering into a Training Contract. Visit: https://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/sites/default/files/2019-05/National%20Code%20of%20Good%20Practice_1.pdf