Group Training Organisations (GTOs) are committed to connecting your business with the right apprentices or trainees. GTOs are dedicated to supporting the recruitment and training needs of employers and providing training and employment opportunities for apprentices or trainees.

GTOs are active in almost every industry, from traditional trades through to commmunity, personal and business services and more. They have far-reaching connections with employers, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and apprentices or trainees. Some GTOs specialise in servicing specific industries (eg. hospitality, plumbing, electrical) while others focuson regions.

Services provided by your GTO

  • A ‘one stop shop’ that takes care of the recruitment, selection and administrative processes needed to have an apprentice/trainee in your workplace.
  • Management of training requirements and monitoring of the apprentice or trainee progress, both on and off the job
  • A partnership that delivers ongoing personal support, workplace monitoring, safety assessments and trouble shooting of any problems.
  • Rotation of apprentices during peak or down times or for multi-skilling across different facets of the business. Rotation may also be beneficial during difficult economic times or if placements are not working out.
  • No commitment to long term training contracts – offering businesses increased confidence to take on an apprentices or trainees.
  • Stable employment opportunities for young people.
  • A mechanism for placing out-of-trade apprentices.

How can I connect with the right GTO to help my business?

GTOs are not-for-profit and are focussed on addressing training and employment issues in their local community. Most GTOs operate over a large geographical area and may be able to assist even if their head office is far from you. Always contact more then one GTO as they all operate a little differently.