Apprentice Employment Network (SA) Inc. – Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct sets out the environment and the way in which we shall behave and conduct ourselves in carrying out our business.  The Code links together Apprentice Employment Network (SA) (AEN (SA)) and our membership with a common set of ethical standards.  It provides us with a guide to the expectations we set for ourselves and each other, as well as our mutual responsibilities in the development of the Australian community.

Our overall aim is to ensure that a culture of integrity and performance exists within AEN (SA), one that maximises the potential for the employment, training and personal development of the Australian workforce.  Achieving this will require strong leadership and role modelling responsible behaviour within AEN (SA) and its membership.  Every one of us can demonstrate leadership, regardless of role or organisation.

By focusing not just on what we do but also how we do it, will allow us to be recognised as an industry leader in responsible business conduct.  When we act ethically and demonstrate integrity, we earn trust.  We value flexibility and recognise that each member of our network needs to pursue its diverse obligations in different ways.  However what is consistent is the way we all conduct ourselves.

Objectives of the Code of Conduct

Members of Apprentice Employment Network (SA) Inc., agree to abide by the following rules and objectives:

  • To act at all times with honesty, integrity and responsibility and in the spirit of good faith, fairness and respect in all of our dealings;
  • To deal fairly and equitably with clients and all other stakeholders at all times;
  • To comply with all federal and state legislation and with the National Standards for Group Training and take an active role by contributing to their development;
  • Display leadership and determination in the implementation of policy;
  • To work to improve the quality of training outcomes for apprentices and trainees;
  • To support continuing reforms in the employment, welfare and training of apprentices and trainees;
  • Foster the development and sharing of good practice between all member companies including the promotion of effective communication, networking and information sharing within the membership;
  • Members agree that only the President, or delegate nominated on behalf of the President, is authorised to liaise with the media on behalf of the Association;
  • Members agree to provide accurate and timely information to the Association when requested;
  • To abide by or work within the Constitution of the Association;
  • To support the Association’s core values of Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Accountability;
  • To be accountable at all times for any transgressions of this Code of Practice;

The Code is a recognition that AEN (SA) Members while striving for excellence in a changing world need to be encouraged to be more creative and to rely on the exercise of mature judgement and common sense rather than a set of rigid rules in the performance of their everyday work. Through our commitment to this Code we want to provide our clients with the confidence that using a AEN (SA) member is a better way of providing quality outcomes for apprentices and trainees.

Reporting Unethical Behaviour

A person working for AEN (SA) or a member organisation will report to the appropriate authority, any behaviour that a reasonable person would suspect violates any law or represents unacceptable or corrupt conduct, is a danger to health or safety or to the environment or amounts to misconduct.

Other disputes or issues that are of a minor nature either due to a lack of understanding of Group Training arrangements or a misunderstanding between members or their clients are often best dealt with through effective communication.  Effective and regular communication between members, a colleague or their clients will enable the parties to be able to work through any difficulties that may arise and avoid a dispute arising.  If this is unsuccessful then a written complaint should be made to the Executive Officer of AEN (SA) setting out details of the complaint and requesting the Board’s assistance to resolve the complaint.