“An outstanding example of a young person undertaking training, employment and schooling while maintaining work-life balance through other pursuits. Liam is articulate and will make a fine ambassador for all school based apprentices and trainees.”

Tony CurtisState Manager of Trade Schools for the Future

“I value the ongoing learning experience, the direction, the perceived future outcomes of the trade, the interaction and the encouragement of my peers.”

Liam HowdenCNC Machinist

“Meeting new people, gaining new skills and seeing how different places worked was invaluable.”

ColletteNow the Team Leader at Enfield Memorial Park who started out with Maxima Group Training

“Brett has been an apprentice of outstanding quality, shown not only through his work quality but also his leadership. Brett has taken every challenge that has been thrown at him by management and thrived on it. He hopes to convey to others the advantages and success that he has achieved from being a part of a group training scheme”

Joe ScopacasaTAPS Field Consultant

“TSTL provided the opportunity to review my career and life goals and the strategies I was using to get there. It reminded me to think outside the box and that life’s obstacles can be easily overcome with the right plan and attitude. I have returned from Canberra with more strategies and confidence to overcome challenges and a much clearer understanding of where I am headed.”

Michael PattersonPlumbing Apprentice

“TSTL showed me different strategies and methods to become self motivated in my career and personal life. Meeting and hearing the stories of other individuals was a great eye opener and helped with some of the road blocks I was encountering with my career. TSTL changed my way of thinking, has given me a positive outlook on life and most importantly, given me more confidence and motivation to better my career.”

Matthew BennettHeavy Road Transport Diesel Mechanic Apprentice

“I value the ongoing learning experience, the direction, future outcome, interaction and encouragement of my peers.”

Liam HowderSchool-Based Apprentice of the Year - 2012

“ To have an apprenticeship, is to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment.”

Cameron ProcterIndigenous Apprentice of the Year 2012

“ Hands-on training has enabled me to acquire knowledge and experience that will benefit me for the rest of my working life.”

Bozica VranicTrainee of the Year 2012

“ An apprenticeship is a valuable stepping stone to a much longer and exciting career opportunity.”

Dale GoldfinchApprentice of the Year 2012